Catholic/Christian Spirituality

Many will agree that one of the most meaningful aspects of Notre Dame is its Catholic mission. You can feel it at Our Lady’s University in the presence of the grotto or the Basilica. You can see it in the hearts and faces of the people.

The Notre Dame Club of Denver strives to provide an environment for our Notre Dame family in the Denver area to continue their spiritual journey, to worship together and to participate as family gathered in the Spirit. Be it at a community service event or watching a football game, our faith is always present. To that end, special spiritual events organized by the NDCD occur all year long.

  • ND Club Traveling Mass
    We will be organizing informal gatherings after selected parish masses throughout the metro area to provide an opportunity to meet your fellow alumni parishioners and neighbors.  Dates and locations will be announced quarterly through the year, so watch the calendar. You are encouraged to attend one of the masses near your parish.  If you are interested in hosting a gathering after a mass to meet your fellow parishioner domers please contact the club at

    Domer Camaraderie was had at the official kick-off of the Traveling Mass at St. Elizabeth’s on the Auraria Campus downtown on November 21, 2010. The ND Family enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting new ones as they gathered around warm Einstein coffee and bagels. To host a Traveling Mass at your church, e-mail

  • Pro-Life Prayer Vigil & Brunch - Every 4th Saturday
    10:15-11 AM Rosary, 11:15 AM Brunch
    Prayer: Empty lot west of Planned Parenthood, 7155 E. 38th Ave. (West of Quebec)
    Brunch: Panera Bread, 3700 Quebec St. (East of Quebec)
    Join a peaceful prayer for the conversion of hearts. Entire ND Family & Friends Invited RSVP by the Thursday before. If you like, wear your ND colors so we can easily find each other. We are looking for 1 or 2 additional people to commit to this regularly, please email if you are interested.

  • Annual Communion Brunch 
    Watch the calendar for the annual Communion Breakfast will be held early in 2011.

  • Hesburgh Lecture Series
    The Hesburgh Lecture Series, our fall tradition, continues with an exciting speaker presenting a topic that affects many in the world around us.

  • Other Events
    We celebrate Mass before many of our annual events, including UND Night, the Student Send Off Picnic, and other events.

  • ND Senior Alumni Prayer Ministry
    The local prayer-line welcomes everyone to submit prayers. Please contact

The 6 "Cs"

The Denver Notre Dame Club is organized along the "6 Cs" Approach to Program Excellence as defined by the University Alumni Association.

- Camaraderie
- Catholic/Christian Spirituality
- Communications
- Community Service
- Continuing Education
- Current Student Support


For More Information

To learn more about the Club's Spiritual Activities, email spiritualactivities

Also, we invite you to visit two Notre Dame websites that allow you to continue your faith journeys.

Pray at Notre Dame ( offers daily readings and reflections, and also allows visitors to submit prayer requests online.

ND Prayercast (http://www. consists of Psalm reflections, readings, and a weekly homily, and features the music of the Notre Dame Folk Choir.


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