Bishop Evans Scholarship Program
Paying it Onward to Victory!

Facts About the Program

  • The Bishop Evans Scholarship Program is a part of the University of Notre Dame Endowment that recognizes the contributions of University Alumni living in Denver, CO and the surrounding area.

  • The program is part of the University of Notre Dame Endowment; funds are invested with the full university’s endowed funds.

  • Earnings from the Bishop Evans Scholarship Fund (BESF) are made available to students from the Notre Dame Club of Denver area as part of their total financial aid package, giving the NDCD a chance to directly help in the financial backing of students from the area.

  • The Notre Dame Club of Denver's Fund was created in 1973 with goal to raise $500,000.00 in principal; the fund currently stands at $501,000.00.


  • The current market value of the Fund: $2,500,000, benefiting from university’s investment management prowess.

  • Club awarded nearly $126,000 to 35 students for the 2014-2015 academic year.

  • Since 1983, the club has awarded over $1.52 million to 758 students.

Our goals

  • To obtain $40,000 in additional designated contributions to the Bishop Evans Scholarship Fund by 12/31/14.

  • To raise an additional $500,000 for Scholarship over the next 10 years – we can do it!

How you can help – Three Ways to Get it Done!

NOTE: Donations MUST be made by 12/31/14 to qualify for the 2015 Football Ticket Lottery.

  • By Mail:
    When you make your normal tax-deductible 2014 contribution to Notre Dame, simply designate your contribution for the Bishop Evans Scholarship Fund. It’s just this simple:
    • Download the BESF Donation Form (Word format), and fill out the information on the form.
    • Please also write Bishop Evans Scholarship Fund – Account Number 621430 in the memo line of your check
    • Send the form with your check to the University at the address provided on the form:
          University of Notre Dame
          Department of Development
          1100 Grace Hall 
          Notre Dame, Indiana 46556

  • Online:
    Make your contribution online by going to the Office of Development's Supporting Notre Dame page:
    By clicking this link, our BESF designation information will be pre-populated for you.

  • By Phone:
    Call 574-631-5150 and designation the Bishop Evans Scholarship Fund – Account Number 621430


Notre Dame’s minimum annual gift guidelines, to be eligible for the 2015 football lottery:
   $100 contribution for those who graduated between 2005 and 2014, and prior to 1965;
   $200 contribution for 1965-2004 grads. 
   Parents and friends may also participate in the 2015 Football Ticket Lottery by making a minimum gift of $1,500.00.

Any of these contribution designated toward the Bishop Evans Scholarship Fund will apply toward your minimum for the football ticket lottery. Also, if you or your spouse works for a matching gift employer, your Bishop Evans Scholarship Fund designated gift may qualify as a matching gift. Please inquire and multiply the impact of your gift!

Our local students need our help. Help your Notre Dame Club of Denver help them
with the simple designation of your normal year-end contribution.

For More Information

For more information on the scholarship program, contact the committee at

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