Continuing Education

Hesburgh Lecture Series

The Hesburgh Lecture Series brings a prominent member of the Notre Dame faculty to Denver for a lecture and discussion on a timely topic. Begun by the ND Alumni Association in 1986, the lectures provide opportunities for Notre Dame clubs and their local communities to experience Notre Dame’s academic excellence in their own areas.

The lectures perpetuate the example of Notre Dame’s president emeritus, Fr. Theodore Hesburgh, as a lifelong learner, and are meant to encourage intellectual dialogue between alumni, community members, and distinguished Notre Dame faculty.

HUDDLE Networking

As the name HUDDLE Networking implies, we are a team effort of the ND Club of Denver working together for the Notre Dame Family professionally and more. Throughout the year, we host numerous events, connecting the many alums throughout the metro area for food, fun and camaraderie. These events are perfect opportunities to renew old friendships, make new ones and expand your professional network.

The 6 "Cs"

The Denver Notre Dame Club is organized along the "6 Cs" Approach to Program Excellence as defined by the University Alumni Association.

- Camaraderie
- Catholic/Christian Spirituality
- Communications
- Community Service
- Continuing Education
- Current Student Support